"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been: I'm happier!  Mary encouraged me to dig deep and examine things about myself that I wasn't aware of.  I, also, rediscovered my love for the gym."  ~ Abbey

“I now choose healthier foods, schedule “me” time and have increased work productivity by restructuring my schedule.  The guidance Coreview Coach provides has resulted in more food planning, cooking at home and have begun to make packages of easy to grab foods for the road instead of choosing fast food.”  Vickie

"The most significant overall change I noticed from working with Coreview Coach is, I feel happier being more open to possibility with a renewed sense of adventure and possibilities.  I am less critical and MORE loving of me!"   ~ Jim

“Working with Coreview Coach, Mary Ardapple, gave me courage. No longer was I a slave to the scale! I became stronger from an enjoyable exercise rotation. Mary helped me realize the importance of self-care while recognizing the importance of mental and emotional management for me to be the best version of myself.”  ~ Becky

"My biggest accomplishment is "I tried"!  I put effort behind the changes I wanted to make in my physical being.  That is an accomplishment.  I didn't decide to just do one thing....focus on just making physical changes....or just stop eating... or doing a focused diet... or just medication.... or just moving more.  The work done with Coreview Coach, Mary Ardapple made me understand that if I look at all of the actions and cycles of my lifestyle that I can make small shifts and that they will add up over time and in conjunction of one another I will become the best version of myself."   ~ Amy