Mary Ardapple Dierker Coreview Coach

What do you need?

How often do you find yourself pondering where life is headed.  Do you worry about money, health, relationships regularly? When was the last time you took a moment to ask yourself those probing questions whose answers hold direction for your life.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article on Becoming Minimalist  What do you need?  

"Recently, a mentor was asking me some questions about life:

  • What is going well for you?
  • What areas seem to be a struggle for you?
  • What is something you have learned lately?
  • Eventually, he asked me a question I wasn’t expecting:

What do you need right now?
The question caught me entirely off guard. But almost immediately, I was surprised by both its simplicity and its depth.

Before going any further, I’d like you to answer the question for yourself: What do you need right now?"

Each of us wish for a long life.  Begin right now with an action step for your life. Find balance and harmony in changing thoughts which no longer serve and change your life.  Live healthy and strong.