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Crutch & Confidant a Relationship with Food

 Nearly two years ago, after having made the conscious decision to retire a business born from resounding personal passion of food and people, a new exciting chapter unfolded as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Previously finding shelter in the food industry, for years it was the bakery business which held this heart most dear.  Today, as a retired sugar peddler, the time is now for me to author the story about how my own relationship with food has been one of "crutch and confidant". 

Each of us has a story to tell.  Our relationship with food is unique to us individually, but so influenced by the perceptions placed on us by others. Over the years, as a bakery owner, well meaning customers would innocently exclaim, "How can you own a bakery and not weight 50 pounds more than you do?  You must never eat any of your own creations!"  In defense, my caring staff would state in support, "Oh no, she eats all the time."  OR I would proudly boast of eating a cookie every day at 9 AM.  How were any to know deep inside of this outwardly confident woman was housed the image of a chubby young adolescent?  

Here is an excerpt from the soon to be published book, "These Hands of Mine."  A transformational guide of living the dream to retirement and beyond while smiling all the way. This book is meant merely as an example how one person is writing her script to the hopeful event of a long active fulfilled retirement. As I share how the role of food serves my life as one of crutch and confidant, you will feel the depths of emotional tapestry

"From birth each of us begin a relationship with our food to survive.  This relationship is a story written with subliminally imprints by other contributors.  By toddler age, we assert to outline a  personal script of likes and dislikes.  By adulthood, we have masked our body’s natural desire for foods that fuel and heal with choices made in haste.  Too often the fear of being judged or labelled by our food choices is a powerful shield from which to hide behind.

Recipes included in “These Hands of Mine” are my dear friends.  The personal nature of my relationship with food runs very deep and often has been turbulent.  As an adolescent, compensation for teenage struggles with personality traits striving for perfectionism, negative body image and low self-esteem led to compulsive anxiety over-eating. Regularly, sequestered alone in my bedroom, secretly hiding wrappers emptied of soothing sweetness or salty crunch beneath the bed... time and time again. Fortunately, a resulting career as a professional baker ultimately became my healer. Loving encouragement for others flowed from each fingertip creation. A love affair with each other, one cookie at a time. As a health coach and exercise advocate, no longer do compulsive tendencies drive me to excessively indulge.  No longer do I banner the label of “classic anxiety eater”.  No longer do I withhold deep personal love for myself by hiding behind a sugar laden vice grip. Today, my relationship with food is dominant organic, fresh and natural.  The “voices” of self-doubt have been replaced with a positive balanced regime of self-love, exercise, loving healthy relationships and a centered spiritual practice found in nature."  

Guiding a health coach client is a process of navigation.  Unwinding the insurmountable volumes of information on diet theories, social mores, and emotional imprinting which we carry life long is an individual process.  Living our lives in balance from the strength found in nurturing relationships, productive  careers, a regular exercise regimen, and loving spiritual practice is the goal.  Never allow the fear of judgement prevent you from sharing your story. 

"These Hands of Mine" will be available summer 2017

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