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Mary Ardapple Dierker Coreview Coach

Trending - Treading - Tending .... T - Words

Just turn on the television to hear what's "trending" today.  What makes a topic merit the distinction of "trending" for all of society?  Simultaneously, mass media marketing messages subliminally pronounce we are treading water under the enormity of worldly pressures.  Next headline reveals toxic environmental concerns.  As our world toils, what is happening a person's basic need for old fashioned love with long lasting health?

It struck me, the other day, at the overwhelming prevalence of negative words which tip toe into everyday media feeds.  News anchors, magazine covers, newspaper headlines, even on Face Book, the ordinary use of words such as:  trending - treading- threaten - toxic - trapped - turmoil - taxed is rampant.  These subtle references inject an infectious nuance which, after a period of time, numbs our senses dull to maintain a commitment to healthy choices.  There is an alarmed cry on the rapid rise of diabetes and obesity in an ever evolving unhealthy America.  Really, this should not be such a shock!  Becoming aware of "negative word" bombardment is a powerful step to become reacquainted with our bond mind, and subsequently the body.

Creating you personal toolbox for better health, begins with the desire to feel vibrant and strong.  Developing healthier habit will lead to positive transformation.  Let's not kid ourselves, though, unhealthy habits are indeed difficult to break and sustain life long.  Here are five"T" word techniques to get you on the path to a healthier you.

  • Touch - Awaken your senses with the breath of Mother Nature.  Sit or stand quietly out of doors for 15 minutes daily.  Gently close your eyes, breathe evenly, listen to the sounds of the breeze, the rustle of leaves, the birds in song.  Feel the air alight upon your skin.  Be still, calm, and open.
  • Team - Build your team with individuals who are supportive of you when things are going well or not.  These folks don't just tell you what you want to hear, but are unafraid of telling you what you may not want to hear.
  • Thrive - Stretch yourself!  Learn a new skill, try a new sport, experiment with unfamiliar herbs & spices.  The brain is a muscle with infinite ability.  Using our brain by expanding adventures and experiences brings joy and love into our hearts.
  • Temple - Your body has been uniquely programmed as your temple for life.  Self love and self care practices enrich the mind, body, and spirit.  Invest in making you a priority! Simple gestures of wrapping our arms in a loving self hug, smiling at our reflection in a mirror, or a vase of fresh cut flowers can lift our mood with affection and encouragement.
  • Tend -Just as a garden, our lives need tending.  See the glass half full, practice affirmations for positive thinking, build healthy strong relationships, engage in physical movement, discover a spiritual practice.

Living a positive life is a choice.  Crowd out the "negative word" bombardment with a combination of healthy food and this simple "T" word exercise.  Your mind, body and spirit with say, "Thank you".

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