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Mary Ardapple Dierker Coreview Coach

Core Packed or a Six Pack?

Each New Year, we are inundated with so much noise encouraging resolutions, shouldn't eat this, dry (alcohol free) January, get a gym membership.... just the noise alone is intimating for most. I am a long believer, New Year's resolutions get a person no where.  Yes, there may be short term gain by improving a troublesome flabby area or dropping a few extra pounds.  January is, also, for sports enthusiasts football play-off season.  A contrary time of year for weekend dieters who enjoy the sport best with those "bad for you" munchies and a cold brew.  So, just how does a person reconcile the voice in our head?  Whispering delicately, "if you'll just put an extra hour in at the gym a couple times a week, think of how beautiful your body will become."  Gently nudging us 30 minutes earlier from week day slumber.  Determined our abs will miraculously spring to 6 - pack or cover girl form.  Surely, as we enter the gym, others will nonchalantly glance sideways to notice our determination!  Rewards of looser fitting clothes, skin aglow from increased circulation, stepping with a strong stride....then look out!!!  The weekend has arrived encouraging you to throw care to the wind, let's party!  Cheering with compatriots of a favored team tossing back brews while crunching crispy nachos without a care in the world! 

Mass marketing of the "pretty people" abounds on television and magazine covers making us feel our lives aren't nearly as grand.  Celebrity endorsements of workout routines, age defying potions, super food supplements entice us to casually throw money at magical products designed to make life more rewarding. Don't be defeated by false promises or the yo-yo syndrome when stepping on the scale.  Not only are six pack abs and cover girl bodies  difficult to achieve when a person is young, they are even more daunting to achieve and maintain as we age.

A healthy core needs to be packed from the inside out.  The strength lies within each of us.  Life is hopefully for a very long time. Encourage yourself to follow these six points for a most fulfilled life.
  1. Develop lasting relationships with family and friends who will laugh, cry and encourage you.
  2. Build a rewarding career to be enriched, both, personally and professionally. 
  3. Embrace a spiritual practice to nurture the light in your spirit and soul. 
  4. Commitment to regular exercise.
  5. Eat quality fresh foods and drink water.
  6. Smile and laugh out loud.
Live life happy .....PACK you CORE beginning today!

Mary Ardapple Dierker Coreview Coach

Welcome to Coreview Coach

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to the launch of Coreview Coach. Coreview Coach is a health and lifestyle coaching platform dedicated to you.  As a one time food entrepreneur, my passion for food and people was entwined with a broad host of customers, devouring delicious baked goods made from scratch by staff with a dedication to the unconditional love only food can alight in our senses.  Wide smiles coupled with expressions of gratitude, by many, are now banked as treasured memories for, both, the maker and the consumer.

When one "retires" from a chosen path, new chapters emerge on the horizon of life.  If given a chance, transformation takes all types of twists and turns.  The exercise, for me, has been to embrace, sample and engage with learning "now what" as a period of life filled with adventure, growth and opportunity.  The opportunity is the retooling of a life, long in expressing a deep passion for food and people. The adventure is joining with others seeking personal evolution as a result of health and movement.  The growth, both personal and professional, is the abundant gift received by a full life now bestowed with a richness within ones spirit.

Coreview Coach services are for those individuals seeking to discover the path between their fork and feet ... onward to living a life full of health and well being.  I just LOVE food and people! I invite you to bookmark as I share health & lifestyle tips, recipes, cooking tips and more.  

Say "yes" to making 2016 your healthiest life ever!