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Welcome to "These Hands of Mine" a transformational essay on how one woman’s hands holds the gifts for life fulfilled while smiling along the way! With her final destination yet to be experienced, this story is an example how one woman, along with her spouse, have chosen a life filled with positivity by encouraging change, fostering a deepening understanding of inner peace and love, while allowing life to unfold in lavish discovery. The story shares anecdotal experiences as a retired sugar peddler (aka professional baker) evolved from a thriving restaurateur and community advocate to a midlife athlete, certified health coach, local food advocate and yoga instructor on her esoteric quest to experience life with fulfillment. Each chapter includes a recipe, along with baking tips, from the author's professional baking experience. Chapter themes connect to a correlating recipe for the reader to gain an understanding of personal meaning found in a loving relationship with food. In addition, each chapter lists reflection exercises for the reader to further personal exploration for living fulfilled. Through a mirror of personal experience this book outlines how each of our inner tools can be discovered in the palm of our hands. Each chapter is anecdotal using personal relationships with food, nature and shared experience with others woven throughout. Having studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, terms such as bioindividuality and primary foods are introduced to develop a deepened understanding of your unique authenticity. Just as there is no one plan to transform our life, there is no "one size fits all" diet for health. For individuals choosing to lay a plan for a healthy life, food relationships are impactful for mind and body longevity. "These Hands of Mine" is a framework for lifelong encouragement to all those seeking fulfillment and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.