About the Coreview Coach Team  
Welcome to Coreview Coach. My husband, Chris, and I live in Peoria, Illinois along with a couple of labradors named Morgan and Madi.  As birthdays come and go, a fortunate life is hopefully for a long time.   My personal experience from turning 50 can only be described as a defining pinnacle,setting the stage for life’s next chapter(s). For me, the process of discovery began while preparing for a summer of “family fun” before our son left for college. With zip lining in Costa Rica, along with a backpacking trip in the Wind River Range located in Wyoming, personal goals were set …. how to train…..who knew! How a food / bakery entrepreneur of 30+ years, whose motto is “smiles made from scratch”, begins to peel back the proverbial onion. Only, to discover my own inner workings as a seasoned business woman, community servant and emerging athlete. I ask you to choose in joining me, as we, together, champion a movement for those individuals seeking a path of discovery highlighting the value of local food, a healthy lifestyle, community advocacy, recreation and personal fulfillment that not only enriches the next chapter in our individual lives, but the communities in which we reside.

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Mary Ardapple Dierker is a wellness professional trained in diet, lifestyle, and wellness coaching has brought deeper meaning to her passion of food and people. In 2016, having graduated as a Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I became a yoga instructor with training from YogaFit. After over 30 years, as the owner of O’Leary’s Restaurant and Apple’s Bakery, both located in Peoria, IL, I an committed to lead by example for others what a healthy transformational life can be. With resounding love directed toward food and people, as a successful health & lifestyle coach and author, I guide others on their path to living their dream life.  As a goal oriented leader, I am committed to both, individual and community wellness, by advocating for food based economy growth, addressing food insecurity issues, working to reverse chronic disease by encouraging healthier lifestyles. My experience demonstrates a proven business and community leader who has created strategic alliances with organizational and community leaders to effectively support key  objectives. To reach mary direct, please email mary@coreviewcoach.com
Chris Dierker is a successful manager charged with leading and developing high performance teams. As the Local Sales Manager of NBC affiliate, WEEK TV25, Chris has demonstrated experience integrating multiple teams for improved performance exceeding company expectations. With a background of strategic planning and management, Chris has been influential to others in the motion community.  A long serving board member for the Illinois Valley Striders and founding member of the Central Illinois Trail Runners, Chris is well respected in his advocacy for the importance of a body in motion is a healthy body. 

Beginning his running career on the roads, Chris has run numerous local races and marathons, including Chicago, Boston and the New York marathons.  Today, Chris is an avid ultra trail runner continuing to explore personal boundaries. Training for altitude by running the North Fork 50 in Colorado North Fork 50 .  Then training for distance by running the Tunnel Hill 100  Tunnel Hill 100. His two favorite local trail systems are Farmdale Reservoir in East Peoria, Illinois and the Illini Bluff route in Detweiller Park in Peoria, Illinois.  It is easy to see from Chris's love of running the fun found in running in the woods, splashing through creeks while jumping over a fallen trail keeps the joy of life abundant.  To contact Chris direct email: chris@coreviewcoach.com